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2016 Enterprise Quality Credit Report



Fujian Maidehao Food Industry Co., Ltd. reviewed Maidehao's concepts, systems, measures and achievements in quality management, product quality responsibility, and quality integrity management. The contents of this report are explained as follows:

1. Report preparation specifications

Fujian Maidehao Food Industry Co., Ltd. reviewed Maidehao's concepts, systems, measures and achievements in quality management, product quality responsibility, and quality integrity management. The contents of this report are explained as follows:

1. Scope of the report

The organization scope of the report: Fujian Maidehao Food Industry Co., Ltd. is the main body,

Time frame of the report: January 2016 to December 2016

Report release cycle: This report is an annual report

1.1 Statement of Objectivity of Report Content

This report is written entirely based on the actual production and operation conditions of the company.

1.2 Description of report data

All the contents of this report come from the actual situation or data of the company.

2. General Manager's speech

Fujian Maidehao Food Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the most influential enterprises in the food industry. Over the years, with the help of governments at all levels and relevant departments, and through the hard work of all colleagues in the company, it has given full play to its own advantages and has cooperated with other domestic companies. Food brand enterprises grow and develop together. We have always adhered to the business philosophy of "honesty and trustworthiness, operating in accordance with the law, strict quality management, strengthening corporate self-discipline, actively fulfilling social responsibilities, and consciously accepting social supervision". At the same time, it insists on independent innovation, actively explores the core technology, research and development, and standard formulation of the enterprise, respects science, and walks out of its own development path.

The development of Maidehao is inseparable from the care and help from all walks of life and the support of upstream and downstream counterparts. Therefore, we are willing to work together with colleagues in the industry to improve and make this cake better and bigger. Provide safe and secure food for the society, and make due contributions to the realization of the beautiful Chinese dream.

3. Company profile

Fujian Maidehao Food Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999. It is a food company specializing in the production of candy. It is located in Jinjiang City, the golden triangle of southern Fujian, the most economically dynamic economic zone on the coast of the strait. The company has experienced more than ten years of struggle. Continuously expanding, has now built a production base with a total area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters and a construction area of ​​more than 8,000 square meters. Over the years, the company has been committed to product research and development and technological innovation, introducing foreign advanced automatic life lines, and now produces and specializes in nutritious cereals, chocolate, fruit hard candy, short heart candy, soft candy, toffee candy, chocolate, and eggs. Rolls and other sweets and snack foods. Maidehao is based on Hokkien culture combined with modern production technology. Using traditional technology and green food as raw materials, we have independently developed a series of candy snack foods that meet food hygiene standards, have delicate taste, fresh taste and rich nutrition. The company's products are sold all over the country and are well received by the industry and favored by consumers.

In recent years, Maidehao has always faced consumers with "high quality, healthy and green" products. At the same time continue to develop the national market. The healthy and benign development of the company benefits from the support and encouragement of Maidehao enterprises from all levels of government, distribution partners and consumers. Looking ahead, we have a long way to go. We will continue to uphold the Southern Fujian spirit of "love to fight and dare to win", under the guidance of the national priority to support the development of "Haixi" strategy. Adhere to the business development path of technological innovation and independent research and development, and strive to build Maidehao into a larger modern confectionary food enterprise within five years.

Quality credit report

1 Enterprise quality concept

Maidehao Foods Co., Ltd. strictly follows the quality policy of "excellent quality, sincere service" in quality management, follows the requirements of the quality system, and strictly reviews every link from raw materials to finished products to ensure that the quality of materials, production processes, and product quality meet the quality standards . The company strictly regulates production according to the process requirements, and each batch of products can be traced back to every link of the production process. After the product is delivered to the customer, regular and irregular return visits are used to collect and sort out the product quality information feedback from the customer, and control it in the subsequent production process to improve the product quality.

2 Internal quality management

2.1 Quality management organization

The company's quality management implements a six-level management system of general manager, deputy general manager in charge, enterprise management department, workshop, and team management.

⑴ General Manager

①Responsible for the establishment and operation of the company's quality management system, implement the national laws, regulations, guidelines and policies, and be responsible for the entire company; fully responsible for production and operation and other work, and responsible for the company's product quality.

②Presiding over the formulation of the company's long-term development plan and annual production and operation plan, organizing the formulation, and applying the company's rules and regulations; responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the quality system.

③Responsible for the establishment and adjustment of the company's organizational structure and the allocation of responsibilities and authorities, reviewing the company's employee reward and punishment plans, and providing sufficient resources according to the company's development needs.

④Responsible for organizing the analysis and handling of major quality problems and the management review of the quality system.

⑵Deputy general manager in charge of production

Responsible for commanding and coordinating the company's overall quality management work, and allocating resources as needed.

⑶ Enterprise Management Department

①Supervise, inspect, organize and coordinate the quality management work.

②Sample inspection on the delivery of finished food products.

③ Manage intangible assets such as trademarks, and order and issue the number of trademarks and labels used according to the plan.

④ Internal and external quality information transmission.

⑤ Carry out mass quality management activities; carry out quality publicity and education activities, strengthen the quality awareness of employees, and establish a sound quality assurance system.

⑥ Regularly hold quality work meetings to analyze and study the quality problems that arise within the enterprise or during the operation of the quality system, and propose corrective and preventive measures.

⑦Responsible for the company's quality and measurement management, management of laboratory testing and experimental equipment, and identification of "strong inspection" and "regular inspection" equipment according to regulations.

⑧ Formulate a quality management system.

2.2 Quality management system

The company introduced the ISO9001 standard, which improved the systematicness, coordination and effectiveness of the management system.

1. Quality policy: fine workmanship, pursuit of excellence, cultivation of famous brands, customer satisfaction

2. Quality objectives: product internal control compliance rate> 96%; main equipment integrity rate> 96%; sampling products

3. Quality education. Carry out systematic and regular quality training and education to continuously improve the quality management ability and operation skills of employees. According to the quality and safety and strategic development goals, the company formulates employee training plans, formulates and implements the "Employee Training Management System", and the education funds are actually listed within 2.5% of the total wages of employees to provide financial guarantee for employee education and training. The deputy general manager of the company is directly in charge of the training work, and arranges the staff training work and the production and operation work at the same time. Carry out systematic and planned training for employees, so that there are medium and long-term training plans, annual plans and monthly arrangements, increase employee training according to different levels, categories and contents, and continuously improve employees' quality management capabilities and operations Skill. Improve the talent training and selection mechanism, formulate the "Tutorial System Trial Measures", revise the "Agreed Salary Trial Measures", grant corresponding treatment to professionals at all levels according to their grades and needs, and give one-time rewards and lifetime enjoyment to professional and technical talents who have made outstanding contributions. allowance system. Adhere to the organic combination of continuing education, on-the-job training, skill improvement, and academic education with job promotion and employment system, and encourage employees to learn consciously and continuously improve their own quality.

4. Quality regulations. The company has formulated the "Control Procedures for Acquisition and Update of Laws, Regulations and Other Requirements", which clearly stipulates relevant responsibilities and working procedures to ensure that laws, regulations and other requirements in terms of quality, environment, occupational health and safety are identified and evaluated. The Quality Supervision Department is responsible for regularly collecting relevant laws, regulations and technical standards related to product quality, organizing the identification and evaluation of changes in quality and safety, and delivering and implementing relevant changes in a timely manner.

5. Compensation for quality liability. Formulate the "Product Return Management Measures" to clarify the product return and recall management organization, responsibilities and processing procedures, which are used for the management of the company's product returns or recalls due to quality, packaging, market and other reasons, and bear the responsibility for quality damage in accordance with the law.

3 Enterprise quality integrity

Integrity is the foundation of business operation. The company insists on operating with integrity in accordance with the law, pays attention to the construction of integrity system, and standardizes operation to ensure the sound and effective operation of enterprise quality assurance, measurement testing and standardization systems, and establish a good reputation for quality.

3.1 Quality Integrity Management

The company strictly implements the "Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China" and other relevant laws and regulations, consciously accepts the supervision of consumers, social and administrative departments, and assumes the first responsibility for product quality.

Establish and improve the enterprise quality system, strengthen quality management, establish product quality traceability system and after-sales service system, and actively adopt advanced quality management methods. Strict process operation specifications, strict quality control of production process, strict quality control of raw materials, strict quality inspection of products leaving the factory, and organization of production in accordance with laws, regulations and standards.

Firmly establish the legal concept of quality, strictly regulate and assess the quality of the post, and implement the one-vote veto of quality and safety; strictly control the quality, ensure that the produced food series products meet the quality and safety standards and the express quality guarantee, and do not adulterate fake or shoddy products. Good, pass unqualified products as qualified products, do not manufacture and sell counterfeit products.

3.2 Construction of quality culture

Quality culture is an important part of corporate culture. Having a good corporate culture is the basis for developing and promoting the construction of quality culture. Culture is an identity, an idea, a perception, and a "historical product" produced through long-term and effective development and innovation. It is just a slogan, a few maxims, or a pamphlet. After long-term cognition and understanding of enterprise people, it is a cultural atmosphere that gradually strives for it. Advanced quality culture is an important support and guarantee for producing high-quality brand-name products and building a corporate brand, and is the main entry point and focus for building a corporate culture with distinctive corporate characteristics. It is an important task of enterprise construction to explore how enterprise culture can penetrate into the field of quality work, improve the level of quality management, and promote enterprise management to cultural management.

The quality culture is the sum of all values ​​and behavioral norms that are centered on quality, aim at realizing the improvement of enterprise economic benefits, and are committed to the construction of enterprise quality performance. To promote the construction of enterprise quality culture, it is first necessary to establish, implement, maintain and improve the quality management system. The quality culture is diversified and reflected in many aspects. To do a good job in the construction of quality culture, the company should focus on the following aspects. :

⑴Intensify propaganda and vigorously carry out the construction of quality culture

With the theme of "quality first, integrity-based", the company actively carries out the publicity work of quality culture construction activities throughout the company, and makes full use of conferences, bulletin boards, blackboard newspapers, slogans and other forms to publicize and popularize the awareness of quality integrity and quality legal awareness Publicity and education have improved the quality and cultural construction awareness of the majority of employees. According to the company's deployment, the branch has held training courses with the theme of "quality first, integrity-based" for many times, educated employees on quality culture construction, further improved the quality culture construction awareness of the majority of employees, and established "quality first". 1. Integrity-based" business philosophy.

⑵Scientific quality management mode, optimize organizational structure, improve the internal quality supervision mechanism of the enterprise, and make every effort to improve the scientific and technological content of quality management

The company has established an effective quality control and quality assurance mechanism for the whole process from food processing technology to after-sales service based on its own actual conditions, and strictly checks and checks at every level. Improve the quality management system, implement the quality responsibility system, establish a quality incentive competition mechanism, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all employees to participate in quality management activities.

⑶ reward system

The reward system is to start from the needs of front-line workers, attach importance to spiritual encouragement, and issue certificates of excellent quality to those with excellent product or service quality. Spiritual encouragement often trumps mere material rewards. Appropriate incentives and recognition stimulate the enthusiasm of employees. A lot of practice shows that incentives and recognition help to create a good quality culture atmosphere. To create a people-oriented quality culture, it is necessary to motivate employees based on scientific incentive theory and fully consider the needs of employees. When arranging work for employees, try to make the best use of their talents, and at the same time, achieve clear rewards and punishments, objectively evaluate employees' work, so that employees can fully understand the existing problems, and enhance their self-motivation ability and enterprising spirit, which has played a role in promoting employees to work better. positive effects. In addition, by improving the work content, working environment and working methods, the employees will have the enterprising spirit of hard work and the enthusiasm and satisfaction of hard work. In short, through proper incentives and recognition of employees, it can help enterprises to create a good corporate quality culture atmosphere, so that employees' personal quality awareness and the overall work quality of the enterprise have been improved.

4. Enterprise quality foundation

4.1 Enterprise product standards

Our company strictly abides by the safety operation rules of food processing technology, and conscientiously implements the quality management system, which effectively improves the management level and cognition level of the company's standards, and makes our company's standardization work more standardized and orderly.

4.2 Enterprise measurement level

The company has established a complete measurement and testing system. The company has a total of 50 sets of advanced measurement and testing equipment and 13 full-time and part-time measurement personnel, which can ensure the validity and reliability of the measurement and monitoring results of the enterprise.

5 Product Quality Responsibility

5.1 Product Quality Commitment

The company promises to strictly abide by the Food Safety Law and a series of laws and regulations related to food production, obtain food production licenses in accordance with the law, and fully fulfill the responsibility of the corporate legal person as the first responsible person for food safety.

The company solemnly promises to strictly implement ISO and other national food safety standards in the production process, never dope, adulterate, substitute fakes for genuine or shoddy food in the process of food processing, and do not use non-food raw materials or recycled raw materials to process food. Resolutely repay consumers' love for Maidehao products with high-quality products and sincere after-sales service.

5.2 Product recalls

The company has formulated a set of strict and mature "Product Recall Control Procedures". When there are hidden dangers such as quality and food safety in the manufactured products, it can be traced and recalled effectively and quickly, so as to ensure the smooth and accurate recall of relevant hidden products and effective treatment. In recent years, the company has never actually recalled due to food safety accidents, and the company also uses regular and irregular return visits to collect and sort out customer feedback on product quality information, control it in the follow-up production process, and improve product quality.

5.3 "Three Guarantees" Responsibilities

The company solemnly promises that if there is a quality problem in the company's products, after a joint investigation by the company and relevant departments, it is confirmed that it is indeed the company's responsibility, the company will strictly follow the "Product Quality Law", "Consumer Rights Protection Law" and other corresponding laws and regulations. , and within the legal framework, according to the wishes of consumers, the company's products are guaranteed to be returned and replaced, and sincere apologies to consumers.

6.1 Handling of Quality Complaints

Food is fast-moving consumer goods, and there may be various problems that need to be solved in all aspects of product sales, including after consumers purchase. Local sales offices are responsible for contacting consumers, providing solutions according to customer complaints and suggestions, and registering the content of complaints and the results of handling. Each office reports the content of complaints and the results in writing to the after-sales service department every day. Marketing Department every year

Do a customer satisfaction survey for customers, the scope and content of the survey are updated and improved year by year, and strive to achieve a wide sampling range and the content is closer to the needs of users. Conduct data analysis on the sampling results, put forward opinions and suggestions, and report them to the company leaders for decision-making.

6.2 Quality Risk Monitoring

The company has established the "Food Safety Risk Monitoring Information Collection System" in accordance with the "Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China" and the "Implementation Regulations of the Food Safety Law" to collect food safety risk monitoring information, identify potential product safety problems in a timely manner, and make up for the aftermath "Change to the prevention before the event, that is, from the "supervision after the event" to the "prevention before the event", so as to avoid the occurrence of food safety accidents. Food safety risk monitoring information is mainly collected and sorted by the quality control department of the company's quality department, but all employees of the company have the responsibility and obligation to collect risk monitoring information. In order to ensure timely and accurate collection of food safety risk monitoring information related to our products, the company always pays attention to maintaining technical exchanges and cooperation with international and domestic counterparts.

6.3 Emergency Management

In order to improve the company's ability to respond to emergencies and dangerous situations, ensure that in the event of major or extraordinarily serious accidents, the command and dispatch are smooth, personnel, equipment and materials can be in place in a timely manner, to ensure that the company can timely and effectively control and protect in the event of an accident. The safety of employees' lives, the environment and national property, to minimize accident losses, in accordance with the "Production Safety Law of the People's Republic of China", "The Law of the People's Republic of China on Emergency Response", "Administrative Measures for Emergency Response Plans for Production Safety Accidents", etc. According to the regulations, according to the actual situation of our company, we will formulate emergency plans for production safety accidents. Production safety accident emergency plan is divided into two levels: comprehensive emergency plan and special emergency plan. Comprehensive emergency plan is the overall plan and procedure specification for the company to organize, manage, direct and coordinate relevant emergency resources and emergency actions. Special emergency plan is an integral part of the overall plan. , is the action plan and safeguard plan for different emergencies. In order to achieve accurate and timely response to emergency rescue, the company regularly organizes employees to conduct emergency drills, and improves and perfects the problems in the process of drills, so as to ensure that emergency plans can be activated when emergencies occur to avoid risks and reduce harm.

report conclusion

In 2016, the market environment is still full of variables. The company will actively seize opportunities to enhance its brand image and promote business development. At the same time, the company will continue to implement the concept of quality responsibility, so that the awareness of quality responsibility and the company's development can move forward. Focusing on the implementation of quality strategy, construction of quality management system, improvement of key quality performance indicators and standardized management, we will do a good job in quality management in 2017.


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