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Fujian Maidehao Food Industry Co., Ltd.

The "Maidehao" brand of Maidehao Food Industry Co., Ltd. has judged the situation since its establishment, and has gone up according to the situation. As a confectionary and food company, Maidehao is not only committed to product research and development and technological innovation, but also puts product quality and safety first. Our purpose is to satisfy consumers and satisfy our distributors and partners.

The realization of dreams is always prepared for the hard-working strugglers. In the past few years, the company has recruited new talents with the entrepreneurial spirit of "only unexpected, not impossible", building corporate teams, continuously innovating products, and opening up new markets. We operate with integrity, work hard, strengthen confidence, and develop and innovate as oriented corporate culture.


To promote the market, combined with the market-oriented operating mechanism. To meet the consumer market-oriented business philosophy. With scientific management and continuous improvement-oriented management concept, we strive to achieve the development goal of the company's continued growth.


For employees, it means that self-worth can be realized; for distributors and partners, it means a powerful alliance to achieve win-win value. Looking back to the past, looking to the future. We are confident that the ever-changing market environment is both an opportunity and a challenge for Maidehao.


We will, as always, strengthen our confidence, jointly promote Maidehao Foods to become a large-scale Chinese candy snack food enterprise, and work together to develop a characteristic path suitable for the company's own development. In the future, with a grateful heart, the company will provide excellent after-sale services to all new and old customers, and unremittingly create a good development platform for new and old partners. At the same time, I sincerely hope that all consumers can put forward some valuable opinions, and I also thank friends from all walks of life for their care.


Finally, I wish the vast number of partners and consumers of Maidehao Food Industry Co., Ltd., good health and all the best!

Fujian maidehao Food Industry Co., Ltd

Key words: candy, chocolate, happy candy, hard candy, fruit flavor. We have designed and developed a variety of products to match different life scenarios.